Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Black Powder Arrives.

Started reading "Black Powder" and cant put it down, figure porn on every page along with a ruleset that could have been made for a solo gamer. Also nearly completed my first Napoleonic Brit battalion which has 16 figures instead of my planned 12-16 just looks a lot better. I will post some pics later, awaiting delivery of the French and considering putting my ancient Brit 28mm on fleabay to create more room (and raise funds for more Napoleonics!).

Monday, 5 April 2010

Black Powder rules.

Well I took the plunge and ordered the Black Powder book and four boxes of Perry Napoleonic French-immediatley realising that I should have bought the figures in 10mm! As I game solo this is a large project, maybe too large. Already I have a plastic mountain of Republican Romans but this is a nice position to be in-as a single parent I am usually so financially embarrassed that I have had to paint 20mm soft plastic.

Any suggestions and tips on Black Powder would be appreciated, any pitfalls to avoid?
As you can see above is my "shed of dreams" where all my spaying is done and in the summer months a lot of painting, reading and sleeping! It does'nt look like much but in summer its rather pleasant-currently awaiting chippings and a greenhouse...the figure is an Old Glory German chap with a trench broom.

Another random selection of odd figures that I have had resting on my shelves for years! A lack of space means that I regularily have to sell armies on fleabay to make room for more toys.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

OK, here is the closest thing most of us will come to actually seeing a naked female of the same species!


Thought I'd pop a few pictures on here of an handful of figures that I completed recently and some old guys that have been on my shelf forever. Photographing small figures is an art form in itself-one which I have not yet come to grips with but hopefully the general idea of what I paint will come across.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

First Post

Hi All,
this is my attempt to record my gaming (or should that be painting and daydreaming) progress of 2010. I have no opponent within 90 miles so I have to rely on my imagination and old copies of the Solo wargamers association, now that we have the internet I am hoping for some feedback off the net.
As soon as I learn more I will post some pics of my figures and any games that I manage to put together. Till then thanks and see you soon.