Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Never be a single parent!

its been a few weeks but I've been busy sorting out the move to primary school for my boy and moving his big brother back to uni-all change at the Hendrickson house again. Also sorting out the usual single parent'd think that with all the rubbish the daily papers print that I would be living it up...thats just not the case! Life just dumps on us all sometimes-I miss my wife and son every minute of every day.

Oh well on the wargaming front I have completed a 15mm modern AK47 army of middle eastern chaps along with a few civilian vehicles and I am considering which period to start my "Black powder" career in. I may even go for 15mm because of the speed at which one can paint in this scale....lifes good when your clutching an essex minis catalogue!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Whatever happened to Mike Siggins?

Anyone remember Mike Siggins who used to write for Wargames Illustrated? I used to enjoy his scribblings and his website but he seems to have disapeared...maybe concentrating on board games? Oh well at least there are plenty of blogs to read about whats happening in the world of miniatures.
Keep on blogging chaps-I like to look at what others are creating, I think the internet has dragged miniature gaming out of the dark ages. Where as before a gamer only had magazines for inspiration now we have access to some of the worlds greatest gamers and painters at a very personal level which means most of us have upped their standards.
I will post some pics later today of my latest painting-how I love 15mm, I ignored it for years (20!) only to find I like painting this scale...and units can be made in days not weeks.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Old Glory Super Fast Super Quality

Well done Old Glory did well-the figures arrived this morning which is darned quick by anyones standards! Also the figures, middle eastern militia pack and command pack are of a decent quality. I'm not touching the Brits yet.
Sprayed the figures that I need up and also a couple of toy vehicles from the 1970s that I found on a car boot sale. Family type cars are too big but the models of the matchbox tankers, road diggers and trucks fit in very well, I just hope that I dont get lynched by some hard line model car collectors.
Pics tomorrow.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Old Glory UK

I recently sold a load of old figures on the web so I have purchased some Gripping Beast Vikings from Flag and Drum? Excellent service. Also purchased were three bags of modern infantry from Old Glory UK (8th Sept), it will be interesting to see when and what arrives. I will post pictures of the 15mm men in the the mean time does anyone know how to paint Brit desert cammo onto a 15mm figure using GW products?

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Medievals almost complete


thought I'd share my Lancastrian force with all and sundry. Its just a box of Perry Wars of the Roses range with the Lancastrian mounted command. If I were too gripe about anything it would be that there is almost too much detail and its very fine-almost like painting 20mm. As for value these figures are just superb, probably half an army for £25 in 28mm is very cheap indeed. I am going to try and sell these on fleabay to make shelf space for my Gripping beast vikings.

Its now approaching winter and I can feel a campaign coming on...probably in 6mm...