Monday, 5 April 2010

Black Powder rules.

Well I took the plunge and ordered the Black Powder book and four boxes of Perry Napoleonic French-immediatley realising that I should have bought the figures in 10mm! As I game solo this is a large project, maybe too large. Already I have a plastic mountain of Republican Romans but this is a nice position to be in-as a single parent I am usually so financially embarrassed that I have had to paint 20mm soft plastic.

Any suggestions and tips on Black Powder would be appreciated, any pitfalls to avoid?
As you can see above is my "shed of dreams" where all my spaying is done and in the summer months a lot of painting, reading and sleeping! It does'nt look like much but in summer its rather pleasant-currently awaiting chippings and a greenhouse...the figure is an Old Glory German chap with a trench broom.

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