Friday, 5 November 2010

Simply 6 and Baccus

Thought I'd update the 6mm situation instead of ranting about overly detailed 28mm. I've just ordered a group of buildings from simply 6, a new company to me but the chap introduced himself on the 6mm yahoo group so I thought why not?
Baccus have not yet sent my order but thats not a problem as he has already explained that he is busy...must be a lot of folk ordering 6mm. Maybe 6mm will be wargamings new rock n roll what with time being in short supply (short...), as well as money.


  1. Sorry but i may not have read it or missed it but what period 6mm.

  2. Sorry your right, I should have mentioned that the figures are from Bacus 7 years war range-and they actually arrived 10 minutes after I posted on the blog. I got an email aplogising for the delay but Baccus were still quicker than most firms out there, Im very impressed.

  3. Nice to know some companies care enough to keep you informed.

  4. Yes, Baccus must be commended for that, many times I have waited over a month for my figures from other other hobby could get away with the service that sometimes happens in wargaming