Saturday, 30 October 2010

Baccus 6mm ordered

Well I have taken the 6mm plunge and ordered a small amount from Baccus to see if I can paint in this scale. I really hope that I can identify the figures on the table as this is quickly becoming the only scale I can afford to game in. The credit crunch has'nt so much given me a squeeze but more of a kick in the spuds!
My dire lack of actual games this year has been due to time, money and space so maybe 6mm can solve two out of my three gaming problems. It will also be nice to get some buildings on the table, it would be nice to hear from any other gamers with more 6mm experience.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Are plastic 28mm too detailed?

I was wondering if anyone else had come across plastics which are too detailed? I recently completed a box of Perry medievals and was really worn out and tired of them by the end! For my painting tastes there was just too much fine detail! It was like trying to paint a large 1/72nd scale figure...too many buckles that couldnt be seen unless the figure was being examined on its own.
I know I shoud'nt complain but (theres always a but) instead of a quick and cheap way to build an army these things take an age and should come with a spec savers voucher. Ouch, now I'm being too harsh plus I dont want the Perries sending the lads round to break my painting fingers!