Monday, 13 September 2010

Whatever happened to Mike Siggins?

Anyone remember Mike Siggins who used to write for Wargames Illustrated? I used to enjoy his scribblings and his website but he seems to have disapeared...maybe concentrating on board games? Oh well at least there are plenty of blogs to read about whats happening in the world of miniatures.
Keep on blogging chaps-I like to look at what others are creating, I think the internet has dragged miniature gaming out of the dark ages. Where as before a gamer only had magazines for inspiration now we have access to some of the worlds greatest gamers and painters at a very personal level which means most of us have upped their standards.
I will post some pics later today of my latest painting-how I love 15mm, I ignored it for years (20!) only to find I like painting this scale...and units can be made in days not weeks.

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  1. Mr. Siggins moved on to write a column for Battlegames, but I believe it was issue #26 that he "retired" from column writing and Neil (Shuck?) from the Meeples and Miniatures podcast took over his duties. He is active on the internet and is a reader on my Wooden Warriors blog. He has a blog called Ludeme: